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Wellington Educational Psychology limited

Wellington Educational Psychologists specialise in supporting children and young people who have additional learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs

Learning, Social, Emotional and Behavioural needs

We provide whānau and education professionals with practical advice and strategies to support children’s wellbeing and learning.

About Us

We provide educational assessments to support tamariki and rangatahi in their learning and progress through school

I have been working as an educational psychologist for over 20 years and prior to this I was a high school teacher. I enjoy working collaboratively with tamariki, whānau and schools and applying psychology to support a range of learning and behavioural needs.

  • Assessments of learning
  • Training and professional development
  • Consultations and advice
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We can provide assessments of individual students at the request of parents and whānau, schools or other agencies.

Most assessments take up to 2 hours. You’ll receive a written report profiling the student’s learning strengths and needs relating to cognitive skills.

We can provide whānau and teachers with specific feedback of individual student’s needs and help to identify goals and next steps.

We work with schools to design bespoke training and support and help schools identify and develop school wide support for students with diverse needs

If requested, we can provide parents and teachers with a further, in-depth assessment of each student’s needs and environment to identify goals and next steps.

Working with schools to review policies, processes and resources in order to identify and develop school-wide support for students with diverse needs



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